Morning at Denbies…

So it’s the 2nd day of holidays and it’s been yet another hectic day with the rugrats. 

How is it that when you could easily have a lazy morning, really can’t be bothered to get up and get ready and the kids are not pestering you to get out to blow steam, you have a day planned with friends. Well we got out and was blown over (excuse the pun) by the fun and frolics the kids had with friends. 

We planned to attend Denbies Easter Activities and we had lots of fun. 

The kids (well us adults) took part in the buzzy bee easter trail (raising bee awareness) and although the kids didn’t wanna be involved (just wanted to run all round the garden) they were lucky enough to be rewarded with the bumble bee chocolate treat. 

As well as paying for the trail, the kids got to choose out of two objects to paint for their craft session. The kids all chose wooden spoons and loved being able to decorate them. 

Here are a few pictures of the little artists themselves! 


       The kids were very happy with what they had produced. 

We also briefly saw the Birds of prey on display…the joys of seeing them eat little chicks ‘not so joyful’!! 



So if your looking for something to do…take a look at Denbies Easter Activities !! 

Thank you Carly and kids for a fun day 👍😀

A Muddy Mingle with Mates! 

Easter holidays started brilliantly…if there is one thing u must do when u haven’t really got much planned, you must catch up with good friends at the park. 

We visited a local park near to were we live called Nonsuch Park. It’s Big Beautiful and Brilliant for little explorers.  We arrived around 10 and enjoyed a chit chat while the kids explored the very cool sloped hill which they loved rolling, running and jumping all over. 



Don’t expect to dress in nice clothes…the minute we arrived OB fell over in a puddle! They all pretty much looked like mud monsters but so much fun was had. 

Then after they let loose a little, we headed into the coffee shop. I heard the bakery treats inside are from Jamie Oliver – yum!! I didn’t have any bakery treats but they sure did have some yummy bits. 

  • Lemon shortbread
  • Victoria sponge 
  • Chocolate cake 
  • Carrot cake 
  • Scones 
  • Tarts 

I enjoyed a latte and I bought the kids a smarties cookie. 

Once we where well watered and refreshed we went for a walk around the grounds. 

The kids found perfect trees to climb (taking me back to my African childhood) and only one accident. A little scratch after climbing a tree just shows your an adventures little monkey 👍

The kids took their scooters which was also good fun at first but then a little bit of a chore for us mums when they can’t be bothered to use them and find much more interesting things to do!! 

We ended our Muddy Mingle with a fab group photo. 


Think it’s safe to say…we all had a fab time with our friends 👍😀 


Here is my first ‘MeandMine’ family portrait session for March! 

My beautiful family in South Africa  

 My husband (the bearded one) and my beautiful babies…OB 7 years old and Cakie 4 years old! Oh how I love them so! 

Memories to cherish forever….holidays in SA! 


These two monkeys really do drive me up the wall…but their smiles, their love and (when they are listening) just makes me melt 💞

Family means more to me than anything and so it should. We all look forward to such amazing things coming our way over the next few years….can’t wait to enjoy it all with my one and only!

dear beautiful

Fantastic educational Apps we love…

There are so many fantastic apps out their for kids to play and learn. 

My children are completely addicted to  games and love exploring new apps. 

Here are a few we have tried and tested and some we plan on trying out ourselves…  

Room on the Broom (4+) £0.79p

  • Collect starts as you fly 
  • Pick up all her friends (dog bird and frog) 
  • BEWARE of the dragon 
  • Catch letters and spell phonics words 
  • Great visual images as is in the book

My kids love the book and love the film on AmazonPrime. Definitely good for the little ones. 


Justin’s World – Alphabet Machine (4+) £2.99 

  • 26 comedy clips by Justin 
  • Interactive games 
  • Fun learning based around PNS (Primary National Stratery) 


Endless Alphabet (4+) £4.99

  • Word games teaches children letters 
  • Over 50 words to learn and play 
  • Animation teaching the children the meanings of the world
  • No scores, No failures… just allowing the children to play / explore at their own pace 


Endless Reader FREE

This is a free app and allows the children to learn simple words. They are then put into a sentence which also shows brilliant animation of what the sentence is about.

  • Bold colours 
  • Simple words 
  • Simple sentences 
  • Buy to allow for more words and more sentences 

 Thinkrolls (4+) £2.29 

  • Create little problem solvers 
  • Navigating 
  • Physics puzzlers 
  • Build on – Observation, Reasoning, Problem Solving, Spatial Cognition and Memory 


  • A Bear Called Paddington £2.49
  • Baby Bear, Baby Bear, what do you see? £6.99
  • Zoo animals – Touch Look Listen £1.99

Hope you enjoy these fun apps….

Brilliant blog posts on

Happy Easter…


 WOW can’t believe our first week of easter holidays start in less than 12 hours…

So thankful to hubby for taking the kids out ALL afternoon today so I could prep the house (clean and tidy) and sorted ready for my first week with the monsters.

So our first week looks fully booked and filled with fun, well that’s if the kids listen and do as they told (FAT CHANCE) think I’ll have to stock up on wine and ciders 😜

We look forward to seeing friends, days out, Easter egg trails and craft sessions, trip to Kent and a cinema trip. Seen as we are Kidspace and Hobbledown membership holders, I’m sure we will end up there too. I must say….it’s the best days out for the kids. 

I have also written out a weekly plan for Oscar to see what we have planned for the week and I have written down that we will be doing at least 15/20 mins (SATS practice sheets) possibly every other day. Fingers crossed we follow through with this plan, it’s needed!! 

Please take a look at these great Easter Craft Ideas to do with the kids. Look like such fun! 

Well I really hope you all have a fantastic week💐💞😀

Welcome Oscar and Caitlyn

My babies… 

I would do anything for these two beauties but wow do they drive me up the wall.

Oscar – My very outgoing, handsome, happy little boy turned 7 this year (2015)he is completely obsessed with football and his new craze ‘minecraft’ and ‘yoyo cards’. He is such a happy go lucky little man and I am so proud of the person he is turning into.

Caitlyn – My very cheeky, happy, smiley and cheerful little lady turns 5 this year (2015) can’t believe how quickly the time is going. She is a real girlie girl but can also play like a real tom boy. She has a great balance about her. You make me proud with your amazing confidence young lady.

This was a happy day…no shock here but the last few days their ears haven’t really worked very well…(Iv threatened an ear doctor app) GRRRRR! There manners are hiding somewhere and they strop like 15 year olds! But yet we are still looking forward to the Easter holiday madness.

Also I have to say….hubby and I sure do make beautiful babies…

My beautiful daughter 💞 


My handsome son 💞

These pics were taken today at Kidpsace. We had a fab day xox

My MOJO has dissolved…

It’s been a few weeks since Iv posted on my blog and I feel like I have lost my mojo somehow. 

2 weeks ago my little madam and I fell ill with the horrid flu, chest infections and little lady also had tonsillitis….it wasn’t a good week and I certainly didn’t have anything fun or exciting to say! Do any of you have days like that?? 

I have also felt a little low about work and doing something for myself (career wise) I have thought long and hard on what to do and still nothing has jumped out at me. Even if I wanted to go back to work now there is no way I could find help with collecting and taking the kids to school/nursery and with Caitlyn only doing two mornings and 1 afternoon, I couldn’t even extend her hours at nursery as there are no spaces for her. It’s soooooo annoying! 

What to do….all I can do is possibly wait until she starts school in Septemper. Then I’d like to think of something to do from home. 

After recently chatting to a good friend of mine in the ‘recruitment’ profession and running her own business, I would love to look into setting up my own nanny agency….BUT where the hell do I start???!!! SCARY!!!!! 

Anyway I’m gonna try get back into the swing of things and start up my MOJO again! 

Any tips or help welcome lol! 

Oh and ….how on earth have the Easter holidays snuck up on us so quickly? What are your plans? 


Point + Shoot 

Its been a boring and very sick weekend 😒

My little lady fell ill on Saturday and very unwell the Sunday too. Then mummy (ME) fell ill too! 

She had a horrid fever and we had to pop to the out of hours docs which they say everything was completely fine. All she needs is rest and ibuprofen! 

On Saturday I did some baking which I love sooooo much! 

Here is my banana, pineapple and coconut cake! 

Here is my Chocolate Brownies 😋

Now I’m ill and hoping this yummy drink will sort my throat out 😞

<img src=";


What’s Your Weekend?

Seema to have a busy but quiet weekend…

Friday after school we headed to the park. It was lovely and sunny but their was a chilly breeze, so we headed back, chilled out and got Oscar ready for Beavers. 

Mum and I headed out to see ’50 Shades of Grey’…WOW I loved it. I didn’t read the book but I agreed to go along with mum. As you can see I don’t get easily embarrassed! Mum and I loved it. 

Saturday (today) hasn’t been all I expected. We planned to take Oscar back to football training as the weather was so lovely but little lady fell ill and had a high temp so we chilled indoors. Mum then came over to watch madam so I could take Oscar to the park to play footy. Was lots of fun! 

Went out for dinner with hubby and just enjoyed ‘US’ time 😋

Sunday (tomorrow) We will be seeing how madam is feeling, so we have a few things up our sleeve as hubby is home with us 👍

Hope you all had a great weekend xox 

What's Your Weekend?

Proud Parent Moment!

Another proud moment in a parents life. 

You go through the ‘proud moments’ like my child took their first steps, doesn’t wear nappies anymore, can ride his bike with no stabilisers, can swim etc…But it’s always so brilliant when you hear they are doing so well at school. 

“Oscar is such a helpful and caring boy ” says Miss Riches.

“He is hard working and tries his best” 

“He loves learning maths and is doing very well with mental maths” Me: yippeeee well done boy. That was always mums worst thing at school lol! 

“He is not so fidgety anymore but still asking for the toilet and a drink far too much” Me: well he is known for getting out of anything at home.

“His reading is coming on well but must practice more writing…remembering to use connective words and remember to read through his sentences”

I feel my boy has come on so much since being in year 2 and really has enjoyed having this GREAT teacher. He is taking in more and loving the subjects. 

All I wanna say Oscar is mum and dad are very proud of you and everything you do makes us so happy you are our son. 

Can’t believe he will be sitting his Year 2 S.A.T.s in May 😁 Good Luck Boy xx