Oscar’s Top 3 Gowns!

Now I wasn’t able to see the Oscars last night as we don’t have Sky 😦 (very sad face) love the glitz and glamour of it all.
But have been catching up on E Oscar’s Live from the Red Carpet and I just love a look at all their stunning gowns.

1) My top dress and my very favourite actress Jennifer Anniston 🙂

Completely flawless and stunning:) just love this dress. What do you think?

2) She has got to be another one of my favourite actresses Reese Witherspoon ….she looks stunning in this very simple dress 🙂 flawless of course!

3) This dress is just very princess and I love the simple colour 🙂 so very jel of all these dresses…if only I had an event to go to just to wear a dress like these.


What did you think of the Oscars? Did you watch it?

Hope to hear from you xox

Family Day in London…

It’s half term holidays and there is only one important trip at the top of our list… A day in London.

When I first moved to London nearly 19 years ago, we did the whole ‘touristy’ thing! Museums, palaces, parks etc but hubby not so much. Yes he is from London himself but it’s sad when you think there are so many people in this wonderful country who have never ventured out of the UK (no passports) and have also never seen what London or England have to offer.

So we always try to make sure we visit new places or at least pop into London (only 20 mins on the train) and enjoy the surroundings 🙂

We planned to visit the Imperial War Museum.

We left the house, successful walk to the station and the kids were great on the train enjoying snacks and playing eye spy of course…what do you play when you’re traveling?
I’m not a huge fan when it comes to children and the underground, my brain is on overdrive:
•keep the kids close
•hold hands
Drives me crazy!

But we arrived at the Imperial War Museum safely 🙂

The kids were so happy and excited…but when we walked into the door, bored faces appeared and “is there a soft play here” squeaked out my daughters mouth lol Oh great this is gonna be fun lol!
It actually was, they loved it and really enjoyed looking at all was to offer. Although very hungry, I made sure my bag was filled up with snacks just so they could cope better with the long walk around the museum.

OJ loved the war cars and aeroplanes hanging from above and I don’t think CJ had any favourite part, she still would have just preferred the soft play lol!
Myself and hubby on the other hand found the Holocaust Room simply mind blowing….next time we plan to visit ‘ChildFree’ just so we can take it in more and actually read more of what happened!

We ended the day with a yummy lunch at Planet Hollywood. The food was great, service was brilliant and the kids loved it-what else matters 🙂

Here are our fab fotos of our family day out 🙂 xox











My #SundayStars

It’s yet again another #SundayStarts

I am sharing with you today how good my kiddies have been over the half term break 🙂

We have had such a ball and even when mummy wasn’t feeling well yesterday the kids behaved and kept themselves busy. They were also very good for for our friends when she took them out to soft play.

Thank you kiddies for being good!

They even got treated to face paints and O got his mine craft 🙂 bloody obsessed x

Happy Sunday Stars x

Mami 2 Five

The end is near…

So it’s been a fun and very busy half term with the kids and it’s nearly coming to an end!

Oh no we haven’t done homework lol :/

We haven’t had ‘I’m bored’ comments from the kids at all and have made sure we have kept them busy seeing friends and having fun 🙂 #MemoriesMade

•Thursday we had a lazy morning while daddy and OJ went to work. CJ and I had a clean up and got ourselves ready.
We then went and took the kids swimming which they loved obviously, who doesn’t love a good play in the pool. We saw friends there and it was great to see the kids have a play of water polo.
Then to end the day we had popcorn and watched a film. Don’t you just love it when it raining and all ur family are under one roof enjoying family time 🙂 I sure do!

•Friday we met up with O’s school friend and ended on seeing other formed a from school too. What a great surprise and fun old catch up for us mums.
We then enjoyed Mac D’s for lunch and a play at O’s friends house.
As we don’t have a garden, it’s always good fun visiting friends who have the outdoor space with a huge trampoline lol the kids loved it.
Then another lazy late afternoon at home watching telly and playing with their toys.

Today is Saturday and mummy isn’t feeling to well. C is out at the cinema this am watching Tinkerbell with friends while mum and son cuddled in bed (O is obsessed with mine craft) mummy is hocked on blogging 😉

Think it’s gonna be a lazy weekend for us all after such a fun and busy weekend.

How was your half term with the kids? Did you need a glass of vino every night? Did you visit London or any special days out with the kids?

Hope to hear soon 🙂 xox

Boys are gross!!!!!

So I have a boy and a girl….they are polar opposites although my daughter loves copying her older brother.

My daughter not so much but my boy is completely obsessed with prodding and poking my boobs and shouting “boobies, boobies”!! Why on earth are boys so silly about this stuff? lol is he copying his dad lol also slapping my butt. I know it’s big but I can only guess he has picked that up from his father lol!!

Then to top it off, this happens….

So my son is in the bath…I’m keeping myself busy in the bathroom and I hear him say “oh this is nice” I look over at him and he is rubbing his toothbrush on his gooch…if u don’t know what this is, it’s the skin between ur balls and bum hole lol !!!
So all I wanna do is shout at him but then instead I laugh in his face and tell him “ha ur gonna have to brush ur teeth with that, not me”

Exploring and touching is ‘normal’ but with a toothbrush….ur on your own mate!!!!

My Top10 – Film Favourites!

So we all love a film and I must say myself and my hubby just love watching anything film going.
I’m no pro at films but I love what I love. They might not be to your liking but they are certainly my top 10 fav….

Anything from old (my kinda old lol) to the most recent ish!


These films were so brilliant and made me laugh for sure. Who can say no to Bradley Cooper 😉 x


There must be a film you love with Will Smith in…this has got to be a film I would watch over and over again.


This is a great film and again something I would watch over and over again!


Now this is such a lovely beautiful film but so so sad 😦 really brought me to tears and such a heart felt film 🙂


This is also a beautiful film. So sad and so moving. It’s tough being the younger sister sometimes and having to fight to be seen by a boy you like can be tough I’m sure 🙂 a must see!


So so my fav girlie flick ….really showed me what special friendships are and how important they are at any stage of life. Love Demi Moore!


Just love a film with Vin in it….the fast cars and sex guys must be the only reason you would wanna watch lol!
Not to mention a brilliant actor who had to leave us all…RIP Paul Walker xox


One of my all time favourite Disney films. Reminds me of home. I sure do miss Africa. Such a classic and so amazing 🙂 loved introducing it to my kids 🙂 x


This brought me to tears recently after showing it to my kids. It’s such an amazing film and one that’s definitely gotta be on people’s top 10 🙂


This had to be my number 1. I just loved this film and would watch it every min of every day. My brother and I even practised the moves and did shows in front of the family. Patrick Swayze was sure to be in many women’s dreams I’m sure back then lol not forgetting the music and songs in the film….Defo the best chick flick 🙂 x

The List

Loves & LOATHS ….

20 of my LOVES and LOATHS
20 – I LOATH rude and obnoxious people. Life is so bloody short, why on earth do we need this. I can understand the ‘road rage’ we go through or the rude person pushing in the line, but being abusive is just not cool!!

19 – I LOVE ‘Walking Dead’ at the moment…Bloody grose or what!!

18 – I LOATH the fact my kids nag for food every 5 minutes…they are eating us out of house and home. Constant snacking BUT only healthy foods of course.

17 – I LOVE the laughs and giggles of the kids when they are playing so beautifully. Priceless!!

16 – I LOATH bloody house work and chores. Obviously its MY JOB as a full-time mum but it doesn’t mean I have to love it, day in day out – boring!!

15 – I LOVE the Backstreet Boys…have loved them since 1997 and even to this day!!

14 – I LOATH the early morning school run…counting down the days till half term holidays!!

13 – I LOVE driving…thank god I passed first time. If I could be a racing driver, I would!!

12 – I LOATH people who cancel plans at short notice. Better be a damn good reason LOL

11 – I LOVE treats and snacks but damn girl I need to stop that shit! As we speak, my belly is resting on the computer, not a good look!!

10 – I LOATH diets and healthy food that tastes shit. Why can’t there be sweets and treats that are good for u and taste yummy too. Oh wait, check out Pinterest and there are great healthy snacks to bake at home!!

9 – I LOVE days out with family and friends…Merlin passes and annual memberships are fab to have and are worth the money!!

8 – I LOATH homework time at the moment…it sure isn’t fun arguing with a 7-year-old!!

7 – I LOVE a pamper but sadly it’s not often I get a chance to go. Better get the hubby to give me a rub down, although we know what that leads to…{#smileys123.tonqueout}

6 – I LOATH my kids tag teaming me all the time…Im in charge, not you lol HELP lol

5 – I LOVE my friends. My social circles come in all shapes and sizes. The girls from high school, work, school, nursery and neighbours – you’re a fab bunch, that’s all I can say!!

4 – I LOATH being so far away from my family in South Africa and Africa itself. I feel part of me is missing terribly!!

3 – I LOVE my family and my mama very much. They mean the world to me and they are always on my mind whether they are near or far!!

2 – I LOATH that my children are growing up far to quickly. Those early days felt like a life time away and if they are growing quickly, that must mean only one thing…i’m ageing too LOL!!

1 – I LOVE my husband very much. We have been through our fair share of challenges over the last 12 years but keep strong everyday!!

Leave me some of your LOVES and LOATHS in the comment section below xox
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Half term so far…

Well it’s been a great few days of holiday fun already.

•Monday we had a lovely lazy day at home…kids played and we also enjoyed watching ‘Oz and the great powerful!’ The film was so good, they didn’t move through the whole 1&half hours of it.
We also popped to the pet shop to have a browse at the rabbits, rats, mice and fish….shame we couldn’t take one of the fury buggers home 😉 they were oh so cute!
We also popped to the pound shop. The kids love to be able to choose a toy and mummy doesn’t have to worry about the price lol

•Tuesday we had a great morning at Kidspace adventures in Croydon with friends then lunch at Mac D’s.
Afternoon was spent in the park as the weather was oh so lush. OJ played football with people he had introduced himself too and CJ made friends with little girls who had babies and dolls…I enjoyed a good catchup with a friend.

•Wednesday….a family day spent up in London. Coming soon on a separate post 🙂

So for now we have enjoyed our holidays with friends and family and hope to feel refreshed and ready for school on Monday 🙂


Enjoying ‘Oz and the Great Powerful’

Family outing to the ‘Imperial War Museum’!

What is your poison?

I have to say…after Christmas and birthdays, Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) has got to be the yummiest and most favourite day in our family.

Although we love making pancakes throughout the year, we try to explore and experiment more with pancake toppings.

What is your poison?

•Nutella and banana?
•JUST Nutella?
•How about the traditional sugar and lemon?
•OR fruit and maple syrup?
We all have our favourites but I must say….our favourite would have to be toffee and banana.

Now the other question is….what will you be giving up for lent or do you even follow this tradition?
I can’t say I ever follow it but I think I’ll be giving up ARSEHOLES😜!!

Good luck with LENT and pancakes are not just for Shrove but for life!!!!!

Yummy toppings 🙂

Oohhhh it was so good!