Top 10 – what makes my kids happy! 

My kids are most happiest when they are: 

  • Around animals. No matter what animal. I would give anything for them to have a pet doggy or kitty. 
  • They love to help with cooking and baking. Who doesn’t 😜especially when they get to lick the bowl or spoon! 
  • Oohhh do they love chocolate. Easter egg hunts are the best time of year for them. 
  • Being outdoors and especially on their bikes. We think this summer it will be time to teach C to ride with no stabilisers 😝
  • Pick your own is another of the kids fav thing to do in spring/summer. So much fun and so rewarding.
  • So grateful to have mum work at Wimbledon Tennis and we love it over the 2 weeks of champions. O was very lucky to enjoy this with us.
  • Days out with the family is a happy time with us. We love doing new things and seeing new places. 
  • Travel can be expensive and stressful but we had such good travellers with us when we went to South Africa. They are such jet setters😜
  • Oohhh they do love their food, but mostly when they get to get mums too. Why is it that mum and dads for tastes better or different then theirs lol 
  • Funny how times have changed. My kids love the iPad, wii and iPhones lol! Mine craft is the new obsession. 

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21 thoughts on “Top 10 – what makes my kids happy! 

    • Oh they love animals and yes I hope one day we will be able to have a dog and cat for the kids. I grew up with a dog and he was my sole mate and best friend and I know how special it is for a child to have a pet to love xx


    • Anytime 🙂 we have times where we forgot how to all be happy. Me being a stay at home mum have to think of what makes my kids happy every second of the day lol 😝


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