The end is near…

So it’s been a fun and very busy half term with the kids and it’s nearly coming to an end!

Oh no we haven’t done homework lol :/

We haven’t had ‘I’m bored’ comments from the kids at all and have made sure we have kept them busy seeing friends and having fun 🙂 #MemoriesMade

•Thursday we had a lazy morning while daddy and OJ went to work. CJ and I had a clean up and got ourselves ready.
We then went and took the kids swimming which they loved obviously, who doesn’t love a good play in the pool. We saw friends there and it was great to see the kids have a play of water polo.
Then to end the day we had popcorn and watched a film. Don’t you just love it when it raining and all ur family are under one roof enjoying family time 🙂 I sure do!

•Friday we met up with O’s school friend and ended on seeing other formed a from school too. What a great surprise and fun old catch up for us mums.
We then enjoyed Mac D’s for lunch and a play at O’s friends house.
As we don’t have a garden, it’s always good fun visiting friends who have the outdoor space with a huge trampoline lol the kids loved it.
Then another lazy late afternoon at home watching telly and playing with their toys.

Today is Saturday and mummy isn’t feeling to well. C is out at the cinema this am watching Tinkerbell with friends while mum and son cuddled in bed (O is obsessed with mine craft) mummy is hocked on blogging 😉

Think it’s gonna be a lazy weekend for us all after such a fun and busy weekend.

How was your half term with the kids? Did you need a glass of vino every night? Did you visit London or any special days out with the kids?

Hope to hear soon 🙂 xox

4 thoughts on “The end is near…

  1. Enjoy your lazy weekend – very jealous!
    Half term affects our house in other ways. We can’t leave the house as everywhere is jam packed and full of much older children who tend to demolish my little ones. Looking forward to getting back to soft play and the park next week!


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