My Top10 – Film Favourites!

So we all love a film and I must say myself and my hubby just love watching anything film going.
I’m no pro at films but I love what I love. They might not be to your liking but they are certainly my top 10 fav….

Anything from old (my kinda old lol) to the most recent ish!


These films were so brilliant and made me laugh for sure. Who can say no to Bradley Cooper 😉 x


There must be a film you love with Will Smith in…this has got to be a film I would watch over and over again.


This is a great film and again something I would watch over and over again!


Now this is such a lovely beautiful film but so so sad 😦 really brought me to tears and such a heart felt film 🙂


This is also a beautiful film. So sad and so moving. It’s tough being the younger sister sometimes and having to fight to be seen by a boy you like can be tough I’m sure 🙂 a must see!


So so my fav girlie flick ….really showed me what special friendships are and how important they are at any stage of life. Love Demi Moore!


Just love a film with Vin in it….the fast cars and sex guys must be the only reason you would wanna watch lol!
Not to mention a brilliant actor who had to leave us all…RIP Paul Walker xox


One of my all time favourite Disney films. Reminds me of home. I sure do miss Africa. Such a classic and so amazing 🙂 loved introducing it to my kids 🙂 x


This brought me to tears recently after showing it to my kids. It’s such an amazing film and one that’s definitely gotta be on people’s top 10 🙂


This had to be my number 1. I just loved this film and would watch it every min of every day. My brother and I even practised the moves and did shows in front of the family. Patrick Swayze was sure to be in many women’s dreams I’m sure back then lol not forgetting the music and songs in the film….Defo the best chick flick 🙂 x

The List

10 thoughts on “My Top10 – Film Favourites!

  1. Great list! Haven’t seen a lot of them (though A Walk to Remember has been on my ‘to-watch’ list of a while) but Dirty Dancing is just everything isn’t it? Literally never get sick of watching it xo #TheList

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