Boys are gross!!!!!

So I have a boy and a girl….they are polar opposites although my daughter loves copying her older brother.

My daughter not so much but my boy is completely obsessed with prodding and poking my boobs and shouting “boobies, boobies”!! Why on earth are boys so silly about this stuff? lol is he copying his dad lol also slapping my butt. I know it’s big but I can only guess he has picked that up from his father lol!!

Then to top it off, this happens….

So my son is in the bath…I’m keeping myself busy in the bathroom and I hear him say “oh this is nice” I look over at him and he is rubbing his toothbrush on his gooch…if u don’t know what this is, it’s the skin between ur balls and bum hole lol !!!
So all I wanna do is shout at him but then instead I laugh in his face and tell him “ha ur gonna have to brush ur teeth with that, not me”

Exploring and touching is ‘normal’ but with a toothbrush….ur on your own mate!!!!

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