Sunday Stars :)

This is my first #SundayStars post….
I am so very proud of how my little mans reading has come on…he has shocked me the last few days and I am so very proud of him.

Reading everyday really does push them to be more literate and their confidence with reading develops more and more. It sure brings a smile to my face when he reads and understands the context of the book. That can be tricky for any child!!
They might be able to read the page and say the words very well, but do they actually understand the story and the meaning behind the words?!

Year 2 has been a fantastic year of learning and LISTENING ….this must mean only 2 things 😉 1 he loves his teacher and 2 he actually enjoys learning the topics that are taught.
He has been obsessed with Titanic (learning about transport) and the Beatles 🙂
Proud of my little man 🙂 xox


Running in Lavender

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