Love and Loath…

20 of my LOVES and LOATHS
20 – I LOATH rude and obnoxious people. Life is so bloody short, why on earth do we need this. I can understand the ‘road rage’ we go through or the rude person pushing in the line, but being abusive is just not cool!!

19 – I LOVE ‘Walking Dead’ at the moment…Bloody grose or what!!

18 – I LOATH the fact my kids nag for food every 5 minutes…they are eating us out of house and home. Constant snacking BUT only healthy foods of course.

17 – I LOVE the laughs and giggles of the kids when they are playing so beautifully. Priceless!!

16 – I LOATH bloody house work and chores. Obviously its MY JOB as a full-time mum but it doesn’t mean I have to love it, day in day out – boring!!

15 – I LOVE the Backstreet Boys…have loved them since 1997 and even to this day!!

14 – I LOATH the early morning school run…counting down the days till half term holidays!!

13 – I LOVE driving…thank god I passed first time. If I could be a racing driver, I would!!

12 – I LOATH people who cancel plans at short notice. Better be a damn good reason LOL

11 – I LOVE treats and snacks but damn girl I need to stop that shit! As we speak, my belly is resting on the computer, not a good look!!

10 – I LOATH diets and healthy food that tastes shit. Why can’t there be sweets and treats that are good for u and taste yummy too. Oh wait, check out Pinterest and there are great healthy snacks to bake at home!!

9 – I LOVE days out with family and friends…Merlin passes and annual memberships are fab to have and are worth the money!!

8 – I LOATH homework time at the moment…it sure isn’t fun arguing with a 7-year-old!!

7 – I LOVE a pamper but sadly it’s not often I get a chance to go. Better get the hubby to give me a rub down, although we know what that leads to…{#smileys123.tonqueout}

6 – I LOATH my kids tag teaming me all the time…Im in charge, not you lol HELP lol

5 – I LOVE my friends. My social circles come in all shapes and sizes. The girls from high school, work, school, nursery and neighbours – you’re a fab bunch, that’s all I can say!!

4 – I LOATH being so far away from my family in South Africa and Africa itself. I feel part of me is missing terribly!!

3 – I LOVE my family and my mama very much. They mean the world to me and they are always on my mind whether they are near or far!!

2 – I LOATH that my children are growing up far to quickly. Those early days felt like a life time away and if they are growing quickly, that must mean only one thing…i’m ageing too LOL!!

1 – I LOVE my husband very much. We have been through our fair share of challenges over the last 12 years but keep strong everyday!!

Leave me some of your LOVES and LOATHS in the comment section below peeps!!

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