Mornings with Madam

Mornings with madam are becoming much more fun and girlie as my princess gets older.

We love to spend our mornings together either making plans with friends or enjoying each others company, playing, drawing, cleaning (my little helper) and sharing each others snacks (little food monster)

I’d say the last week my little girl is growing more and more attached to her babies, dolls and teddies.It’s either sleep time with every duvet and blanket in the house or they are set up in the living room to watch their favourite film\show. She is obsessed with playing mummy and telling them what to do. The moody and very bossy role-playing must be a reflection of what I’m like…oh dear, my mother tells me I’m bossy but I don’t believe it one bit, LOL!!

I certainly miss spending time with my boy, but I’m very happy I am able to put CJ into nursery one afternoon a week so that I get special time with OB and do the things we love together, just mummy and son.

What fun things do you do with your children? Do you have to split your time with each child, so you get a chance to see them as little people? Do you feel bad and wonder if your leaving one out?

Parenting is tough, but we do the best we can!



8 thoughts on “Mornings with Madam

  1. I’m so jealous, I desperately miss the mornings with my two girls since I returned to work, I miss life just being relaxing, we weren’t rushing to get dressed or eat or brush teeth, we did everything at out ease and, maybe its mummy guilt clouding things, but I’m pretty sure there were more smiles then too, from all of us. #mummymonday

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    • Awww I know how u feel. Being a SAHM has its pros and cons- some days I look forward to taking them to nursery/school but I do enjoy lazy mornings when we are all happy lol 😉 x


  2. We are still with just the first. I like the idea of having ‘date days’ with your kid when you have more than one so each get some one-on-one time with each parent.


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  3. Amelia’s slowly getting to this age. She loves to play like real life things with her toys it’s so cute and our times together are too becoming more girly!! Can’t wait to take her out for a cute little coffee date! Thanks for linking up #MummyMonday x

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