First ice-cream of the year! 

Fun times with friends…

Kids played and played hard this afternoon…crazy times, funny times, annoying times. You know a typical play date with kids. They certainly loved the ice cream (hyped up more) and we also enjoyed cake! #Yum

The bakers make the best simple sponge cakes. We scoffed them down in a second, with a cuppa of course! 

Happy Saturday all xox 

Happy Days #2

Started the week with a game off footy outside with the kids. Fresh air is great for the kids especially when Mr has been stuck in school all day . 

Enjoyed some baking. We made yummy bounty balls 😜 I promise you they tasted yummy lol (not great to look at though hey) lol 

Loved our breakfast with friends. C loved tucking into mums food too 😘 toast wasn’t enough. She is a ganot lolWe loved going to visit friends and enjoy a cuddle with their little cat. She is normally very shy but she enjoyed being stroked by O. 

These where my happy days this week…what were yours? 


What Katy Said

Top 10 – what makes my kids happy! 

My kids are most happiest when they are: 

  • Around animals. No matter what animal. I would give anything for them to have a pet doggy or kitty. 
  • They love to help with cooking and baking. Who doesn’t 😜especially when they get to lick the bowl or spoon! 
  • Oohhh do they love chocolate. Easter egg hunts are the best time of year for them. 
  • Being outdoors and especially on their bikes. We think this summer it will be time to teach C to ride with no stabilisers 😝
  • Pick your own is another of the kids fav thing to do in spring/summer. So much fun and so rewarding.
  • So grateful to have mum work at Wimbledon Tennis and we love it over the 2 weeks of champions. O was very lucky to enjoy this with us.
  • Days out with the family is a happy time with us. We love doing new things and seeing new places. 
  • Travel can be expensive and stressful but we had such good travellers with us when we went to South Africa. They are such jet setters😜
  • Oohhh they do love their food, but mostly when they get to get mums too. Why is it that mum and dads for tastes better or different then theirs lol 
  • Funny how times have changed. My kids love the iPad, wii and iPhones lol! Mine craft is the new obsession. 

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Manic Friday…

So our weekend seems to be little quiter than normal to be honest….
Had a fantastic morning with two lovely mummies from the school 🙂 We got to enjoy a lovely breakfast over at Giraffe. Just love s good chinwag.
Then shopping with a 4 year old in tow :/ stressful or what. Normally she can be great but we did have to go to two shops and it was a bit of a mission lol…oh the joys lol! 
Now collecting little man after school and heading out for a play date then Beavers 🙂 
Wine and Take Away for sure tonight 😉 
Hope your all having a lovely Friday x
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Homemade Bounty Balls

So I had a bit of a baking day yesterday. I just love baking and especially if they turn out great. 

I saw this recipe on Facebook and they looked delish “just hope they take good when I make them” lol 

If you love coconut and chocolate then these bounty balls will tickle your fancy. 

Here are the ingredients to make these delish treats.

What we need:

  • Morrisons cooking chocolate 
  • Morrisons condensed milk 
  • Morrisons desiccated coconut 

Step By Step:

•First I emptied a bag of desiccated coconut about 200g 

•A tin of condensed milk into a bowl and mixed away 

Caityln loved joining in and being my little helper. Those little arms got sore with all that mixing lol! 

She especially loves to dip in a finger or two just to test it out 😉 “it tastes too yummy” says CJ

•Put the coconut and condensed milk mixture into balls and place on baking paper then place into the freezer for 20 minutes. 

•Now place a pan of boiling water on the hob (bubbling away) place glass bowl on top then melt chocolate.

•Take the treats out the freezer and dip into the chocolate (cover well) and then place back onto baking paper and back on the fridge to firm. 

Mine are OK, not amazing lol but I didn’t say I was a chef lol they taste yummy anyway lol 

Hope you enjoy xox